How to take care of your lashes

Your new Lash Extensions are very low maintenance and easy to care for. They are fully cured by the end of your procedure. But we recommend to wait to get them wet for approximately 2-3 hours after the application.
  • Always treat your lashes with gentle care.
  • Wash your lash extensions daily with the baby shampoo or an oil-free make-up remover. The special brush will be given to you after the service.
  • Rinse thoroughly. Dry before sleep or applying any cosmetics.
  • Do not use cotton rounds or q-tips on your eyelashes. The fine lint can get stuck in your lashes and bother your eyes greatly. Lint free sponges are the best to use around your eyes.
  • Gently groom you dry lash extensions with a clean mascara wand. Use flocked applicators or sponge tipped applicators to spot clean any stubborn make-up left at the lash line.
  • Apply eye creams, serums or moisturizers very lightly near the lashes.
  • Sunscreens contain a lot oil additives. Be aware if you’re planing to use one.
  • Only water based mascara can be used on Lashes and should be used sparingly on the tips only.
  • DO NOT USE OIL BASED MASCARA OR WATER-PROOF MASCARA. It will ruin your extensions.
  • Be very careful with the heat while cooking. Such high temperatures will break the glue bond and flatten your lashes. Just let the first blast of heat to escape when opening the oven or grill and etc.
  • Schedule regular refills to keep them looking wonderful.