What exactly are the lash extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are a synthetic polyester filament skillfully attached to one healthy, natural lash to create desired shape, to add length and volume. They are weightless, semi-permanent, easy to care, pre-curled and 100% waterproof. Swim, spa and sauna safe, long lasting and eliminate the need for mascara. A full set could be applied for a regular daily life or for a special occasion. Refills are needed to maintain the look and fullness. As your natural lash grows and sheds the lash extension sheds with it. Your natural lash cycle can be anywhere from 4-10 weeks and all of the lashes are not on the same pattern nor the eyes themselves.
Volume Lash Extensions are very fine, virtually weightless faux mink extensions. Few extensions are picked up together and fanned out creating a fluffy fullness for your eyes. Because they are so light, it allows a stylist to apply longer lengths without adding unneeded stress on natural lashes and achieve more even and solid coverage. These extensions are beautiful, not heavy and longer lasting. Work well for anybody but especially for customers with less/sparse natural lashes. Fans can be made out of 2-7 dimensional lashes to give you a luscious lash set specifically designed for each individual. Approximately 150-600 lashes per eye. NO Mascara can be applied to these. Classic Lashes will not give you the same look or feel.
Classic Lash Extensions are one perfect synthetic lash attached to one natural lash. These are slightly thicker diameter lashes, can add length, create a beautiful shape and style that no mere mascara or strip lash can deliver.